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In compliance with article 10 of the Ley34/2002, of 11 of July, services of the information society and electronic commerce, the following are our data:

  • Commercial name: Deyman
  • Social Reason: Desarrollo y Mantenimiento de Electrónica, S.L.
  • C.I.F.: B33479064
  • Address: Montes de Sueve nº 45- Bajo
  • Cipy: Oviedo
  • C.P.: 32009
  • Phone: 984 282090
  • Fax: 984 282089
  • Email: deyman@deyman.com

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The use of the website implies the full acceptance and without reserves of all and each one of the provisions contained in this Legal notice in the same moment in which the user accesses the page. Consequently, the user must carefully read this Legal notice.

1. DEYMAN SL may modify or update, without notice, the information contained in its web site, as well as its configuration, presentation and conditions of access.

2. All information, photos and data appearing on this Web site have no contractual value, and may be modified without prior notice in accordance with the will of DEYMAN SL.

3. the user undertakes to use the website in accordance with the law and this Legal notice, as well as with morality and generally accepted good customs and public order.

4. DEYMAN SL guarantees that all the contents and services offered at DEYMAN.COM respect the principle of human dignity, the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal and social circumstances, as well as the principle of protection of youth and childhood.

5. DEYMAN SL is committed through this means not to DECEPTION ADVERTISING. Not be considered false advertising formal or numeric errors that can be found throughout the content of the various sections of the website. DEYMAN.COM undertakes to correct as soon as it becomes aware of such errors.

6. DEYMAN SL undertakes not to send commercial communications without identifying them as such, in accordance with provisions in the Ley34/2002 of services of the society of information and electronic commerce. Not be considered as commercial communication the information being sent to DEYMAN SL clients whenever it has by purpose the maintenance of the contractual relationship between customer and DEYMAN SL as well as the performance of tasks of information and other activities of the service that the client may contract with the company.

7. Both access to this web and the use that may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the person involved. DEYMAN SL is not responsible for any consequence or damage which may arise from such access or use of the information. DEYMAN SL is not responsible for the possible errors of security that may occur nor for any damage that may be caused to the computer system of the user (hardware and software), files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of viruses on the computer of the user used to connect to the services and contents of the weba malfunction of the browser or the use of versions not updated it.

8. All links of third parties to this website must be your main page or control documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of viruses on the computer of the user used to connect to the services and contents of the web, a malfunction of the browser or the use of non-updated versions of the same.

9. DEYMAN SL and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the user for any dispute that may arise from accessing this website. In the event that the user is domiciled outside Spain, DEYMAN SL and the user submit, with express resignation to any other law, to the courts and tribunals of the city of Oviedo (Spain)


Deyman use trademarks , service , trade names, or other identifying information of other companies in order to correctly identify products. The owner of the trademark has not consented for later use or copying of trademarks and Deyman can not license such trademarks.

Millipore, Q -PAK , Super- Q , Super- C , Milli- Q , Rogard , Milli -RO , Ropak , AFSPAK , Polygard , Gradient , Synthesis, AFS , SDS , Academic , Biocel, Element, Progard, Qgard, Quantum, Millipak and any trade names preceded or phrase Millipore or Millipore´s are trademarks of Millipore Corporation. Other trademarks related to water are trademarks of their respective proprietary. This is not necessarily a complete list of notifications trademark to do, if you see one that inadvertently have not placed, please contac us and we´ll add it.

Trademarks Millipore: Direct-Q, Elix, Millipore, Milli-Q, Milli-RO, A10, AFS, Progard, Q-Gard, Qpak, Quantum, Ropak, SimPak, Simplicity, Super-Q, Synergy Trademarks: Milli-RX, Pyrogard, Ríos, RIOS- DI, Biopak. All products and related marks are trademarks of their respective proprietary. TM ® could be omitted from this Web site and other product materials Deyman.

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